The truth is that lots of different animals are killed to generate leather while most individuals associate cows and leather. Exchanging my once loved non-vegetarian clothing, with legally made, good-quality vegetarian alternates was pretty awful hard at the time (5 years ago) - for me there have been merely a handful of internet vendors promoting these products, and many did not post to Australia. The ‘Lacy Dark Vegan Leather Satchel, this', is UNDOUBTEDLY the sweetest handbag I've ever previously possessed, including each of my - series.

Of generating a dog's skin the process become leather is horrific for that environment along with the staff's health. Catherine Manuell Design: If you-can't find a bag (purses, travel bags, wheely carrier vegan leather Australia, slouch bags - you label it) below which tickles your fancy, I stop trying. This company that is Foreign include a lot of Aboriginal types also which support Local women.

Vegan Products - another fantastic, cruelty-free wonderland with bags (love the Belperio case above) and wallets galore. I recently bought my fella a Vegetarian Products budget to replace his tatty looking (leather!) Country Road wallet. And, as being a youthful mother, Kristy was fed up with the countless ‘same aged' baby bags for sale in shops so she developed her own!